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Mom, Parent & Guardian Info

If you’re a single mother or guardian that’s interested in having your son participate in the Choose Greatness program, click the link below for more information.


Parent Approval Form

If you’re a parent interested in registering your son for a Choose Greatness Mentoring Program, please complete the Parent Approval Form by CLICKING HERE >>

School Principal/Counselor Info

For school principals and counselors below are a few items we would like you to keep in mind in reference to The CENTRY League program, click the link below for more information.


School Interest Form

For school principals and counselors and leaders that would like to complete the CG School Interest Form by CLICKING HERE NOW >>

Program Ground Rules

Each School Mentoring Unit is required to function by a specific set of Ground Rules, or guidelines, that’ll help them to be successful as a group and for each LB (Little Brother) to get the most out of their time in the CG Program.

Every young man will be help accountable to these ground rules as an active Little Brother and participant of the CG Program.

These Ground Rules are as follows:

The 5 Point System: As a way to reward Little Brothers for positive growth, participation and interaction at home, in school and within the CG Program, they will receive a reward after they have received a total of 5 Green Points.  

To make certain that every guy truly wants to be a part of the CG Mentoring Program, we have a 5 Point removal system. Once a guy receives 5 Red Points, he will be removed from the CG Program and replaced with another.

To understand the CG Point system, CLICK HERE.

Session Attendance: Each Little Brother is required to attend each weekly 45-minute session unless they are absent from school or are excused by their teacher or school staff.

Tasks, Assignments, Sections: Each Little Brother is required to complete the weekly assignments, tasks or workbook sections before coming to their weekly mentoring session.

Reported Areas of Development: As part of the CG Mentoring Program, each LB will receive their own personal Areas of Development that they are given to work on by their Parents, Guardians, Teachers, Counselors that will be discuss with their CG Mentor and their CG Brotherhood Unit.

No Excessive Playing: When we come together, we want them to enjoy ourselves and have fun, but stay focus on “the why” we come together so there is no excessive playing allowed during sessions. Anyone told to stay focused during the sessions will be sent back to their classroom and may be replaced with someone else that wants to join us.

Push-Ups: We will have gained permission from each parent to require On-Demand pushups in Sets of 20, as a consequence for missing assignments, improper behavior, lack of respect to teachers or anything that does not line up with the CENTRY Heroic Soldier Mindset. Anyone that does not comply with this request as a means of correction or consequences for negative actions, may forfeit certain privileges unless there are health concerns involved. Parents will also be contacted for every Set of 20 Pushups that is required.

Camouflage Gear: We want each participant of the CG Program to attend the meetings in Camouflage Gear as a personal expression of their desire to embrace a CENTRY Heroic Soldier Mindset and to create a sense of belonging and unity between the brothers within their CG Brotherhood Unit. Visit the CENTRY Online Store to view CG T-shirt’s, Drawstring Bag and suggested Camouflage Gear and Shoes by CLICKING HERE >>

Ask Questions: To get the most from your time with the group, it’s important that you ask questions about the topic being discussed or about anything else that may be bothering you or that’s on your mind.

Don’t Be Distracting: Do not be distracting to your fellow CG Brothers that may be trying to listen and share during sessions. It’s a sign of maturity and honor for others when you’re thoughtful of your fellow brothers.

Don’t Interrupt: Allowing someone else to finish their thought before interjecting your own can be difficult at times. However, during sessions, every brother is required to allow his fellow brothers to finish speaking before they begin to speak. It’s a sign again of respect and you may learn something from your brother when you allow them to finish speaking without interrupting.

No Disrespect: To participate in the CG Program, you must not disrespect your brothers, women, other students, teachers, authority figures or parents. Disrespect is Not Allowed.

No Use of Drugs or Smoking: No drug use or smoking is allowed for any CG Mentors or Little Brothers. The use of drugs or the smoking of cigarettes or marijuana can become addictive and create additional challenges in a guy’s life. So we do not allow participants of the CG Program to smoke or do drugs because it will interfere with their overall success in life and within the CG Program.

No Curse Words or Foul Language: No curse words or foul language is allowed during sessions. We consider the use of curse words “lazy speaking” and inappropriate in certain situations. So to prepare our Little Brothers to communicate effectively, no matter where they are, or who they are around, we do not allow the use of curse words or foul language within our CG Sessions. We also hope that our CG Little Brothers will adopt this as a standard they live by in their everyday lives.

No Negative or Destructive Content Before Meetings: To make sure each Little Brother gets the most out of their mentoring sessions, we ask each Little Brother NOT to interact with any negative content, or inputs, at least 2 hours before going to bed the night before the day of their CG Mentoring Session. These negative or destructive inputs include music, social media, friends, tv shows and videos that contain cursing, sex filled content, destructive lyrics, hateful speech, racist content, or disrespectful messages towards others, especially women.

This will help each Little Brothers heart to be open and ready to learn and discuss the positive content that will be discussed during their CG Session.

Be Open & Honest: Please be as open and honest as you can with your fellow brothers and CG Mentor. This honesty will help us address root issues and grow together as brothers.

No Teasing: There is absolutely NO Teasing allowed in CG Sessions. Any guy who teases a person, or brother, does not have the heart of a brother and should not be a part of a CG Unit or any CG Sessions.

No Bullying: No Little Brother is allowed to bully anyone under any circumstances. We consider bullying a sign of childishness and selfishness and has been proven to cause suicidal thoughts and acts. According to the CDC, “Youth who report being frequently bullied by others are at increased risk of suicide-related behaviors, and negative physical and mental health outcomes.” So, there is absolutely No Bullying allowed by any participant of the CG Mentoring Program. [click HERE for more information on Bullying]

No Music Listening: There is to be no music played or listened to during the CG Session unless the CG Mentor chooses to play or share in a session. No use of headphones, EarPods or cellphones are allowed during CG Sessions.

No Cellphones: Brothers are required to turn off their cell phones before meetings and give them to their CG Mentor. They may also place them on a separate desk or table where they can gather them once the session is over. The CG Mentor may keep his phone to make sure he can be contacted by staff or parents during the meeting. Any LB unwilling to separate from his phone is not allowed in the CG Mentoring Sessions and may need to be replaced within the CG School Unit.

Participation is a Privilege: The CENTRY Brand and The CG (Choose Greatness) Program is not for everyone. Participating with the CG Program is a privilege that must be honored and respected. Understanding that we only have a limited number of Mentors and spots available for each CG School Unit, it’s important that every participant is serious about this opportunity. Whenever we find a guy that clearly doesn’t value his time as part of a CG Unit, he will be replaced with someone who wants to be a part of the CG Brotherhood Unit.

Only if He Wants To: If a guy does not really want to be a part of the CG Mentoring Program, or if his desires to participate changes, he can be released from the group at any time. However, he may not be allowed to return for the remainder of the school year or term. This way, we only allow guys to join the CG Program that really want to. If a young man, does not want to be a part of the sessions, it will be a waste of time for him, and he will get very little out of it. So, we will willingly part ways and promise NOT to take it personally.

Honor God and Others: No participants are allowed to dishonor others or to dishonor God during a session. As a Christian based organization, we will not entertain or permit any disrespect of God or others within any CG Mentoring Unit or the CENTRY League Brotherhood.

Impact and Growth

The overall impact of the Choose Greatness School Mentoring Program is to inspire young men to Serve, Honor & Protect in their homes, families, schools and society.

One of the main goals of The CENTRY League is for every brother to feel connected, supported and part of our brotherhood community. If any brother ever feels alone, we are falling short on our goal as a Brotherhood Community of Servants, Soldiers and Heroes.

As we grow and our programs expand, we will expand to include schools with predominately different racial backgrounds that we can unite across backgrounds and racial lines by coming together for CENTRY Missions, events and fellowships.

The 5 Point System

To make sure that every brother values his time as part of the CG Program and takes it seriously, we have a 5 Point Red and Green system. 5 Green Points earn A Reward, while 5 Red Points are grounds For Removal.

To learn more about the Point System, CLICK HERE >>


Our Choose Greatness Gear is required for our School Mentoring Program and CENTRY Missions. This Gear helps create Unity and Oneness as we come together as Heroic Soldiers!


Our Choose Greatness Mentoring Program is perfect for schools that would like to have an in-school mentoring program available for their young men.


Our content is great for guys that want to interact with our CG content for his own Personal Development as he pursues greatness in his personal life!


Our Group Mentoring provides Organizations, Churches and Groups with additional support for the guys attached to their organization to help them Choose Greatness.


Click here if you’re a parent, school counselor, school principal and/or mentor that would like to learn more about the Choose Greatness Program.


Our Choose Greatness Workbooks, Online Courses and Content are what we use for the Choose Greatness Programs and can be purchase here or on


Click here if you would like to sponsor a young man, school or group for a CG Mentoring Program or would like to donate to help us in our mission.


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