The Word CENTRY™ (defined by us)

Our use of the word “CENTRY™” is derived from the word “center” and the word “sentry.” The word “CENTER” meaning: “a principal point or place:” and the word “SENTRY” meaning: “a member of a guard or watch.” From these two words, we create the combined or portmanteau word” of “CENTRY™” which represents: “A Centered Soldier.”

A CENTRY™ / Centered Soldier Serves, Honors and Protects and is others-centered, or grounded, in the things that matter the most in life while creating fruitful relationships and having a positive impact on others. A “Centered Soldier” places others above himself and allows God’s love to flow from his heart, or the center of his being, in a way that benefits others and also himself.

Every male that joins the CENTRY™ LEAGUE, by completing the CENTRY™ Recruit Course and Training, is officially known as a CENTRY™.


The CENTRY™ Motto

“I SERVE, HONOR & PROTECT with the Heart of a SERVANT, SOLDIER & HERO that’s always Fruitful and Multiplies.”


The CENTRY™ Tagline

“I Serve, Honor & Protect.”


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