The CENTRY™ League is a Brotherhood Organization with the Mission to Inspire, Mentor, Train and Support Males to Serve, Honor & Protect as Modern-Day Servants, Soldiers & Heroes.

About Us

The CENTRY™ League is a brotherhood organization with the mission to inspire, mentor, train and support males to Serve, Honor & Protect as modern-day Servants, Soldiers & Heroes. 

To accomplish this, we use Christian principles and standards to equip guys with the needed skills and support they need to Choose Greatness in life. We do this by helping them to create fruitful thoughts, habits, behaviors and relationships by providing them with quality resources, content, connections and accountability. Our goal is to create males that positively impact their wives, their children, their families, their community and the world around them.

We believe that as we help males learn to Serve, Honor & Protect women, children, families and the community the entire world will change. The negativity of our society has left many guys, both young and old, without any positive male connections that can tell them the truth and challenge them not to participate in the negativity of our society. 
Our purpose is to make the principles of service, integrity and honor relevant in today’s society by helping males to live as positive examples, to create fruitful habits, to display honor, to stand out as leaders and to have the strength and character to live as a Servant, a Soldier & a Hero despite the negativity of our society.
If we are going to truly change the way women, children and others are treated in our society, we must find a way to unite under a common goal. With this in mind, we endeavor to create guys that live as Servants, Soldiers & Heroes and together we can impact the world because we’re, “Stronger Together – Weaker Apart”.

Our Core

A CENTRY™ is a male that lives his life by the three “Core Actions” to Serve, Honor & Protect, and the three “Core Identities” of a Servant, Soldier & Hero. We believe that operating from these core actions and identities, will create the types of males that benefit and enhance the lives of women, children, families, marriages, communities and the world. To accomplish this, we provide each CENTRY™ Brother and Recruit with the support, resources, accountability and community needed to live his everyday life as a CENTRY™ Servant, CENTRY™ Soldier and CENTRY™ Hero.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a brotherhood community where males will be inspired, and challenged, NOT to live as other destructive, childish and selfish males do. Our brotherhood community was created so that guys that truly want to love and honor women, care and support children and have a positive impact on the community can find other like-minded guys that they can call brothers. 

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a brotherhood of Servants, Soldiers & Heroes by spreading the mindset and beliefs of the CENTRY™ Hero and The CENTRY™ League through content, training and support. Our ultimate goal is to impact the world as a brotherhood of males, of all ages, races and backgrounds, that live every day of their lives as modern-day Servants, Soldiers & Heroes that Serve, Honor & Protect women, children, families and the community.

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