We Create Content to Inspire, Mentor, Train and Support Males to Serve, Honor & Protect as Modern-Day Servants, Soldiers & Heroes.


The CENTRY™ League Brand and Ministry is dedicated to creating content and material that inspires, supports and trains guys to live their everyday lives as Servants, Soldiers & Heroes in line with the mindset of a new type of hero called a “CENTRY, based on biblical principles and standards.

A CENTRY™ is a male that lives his life by the three “Core Actions” to Serve, Honor & Protect, and the three “Core Identities” of a Servant, Soldier, & Hero. By operating from these core actions and identities, a guy can live in a way that enhances the lives of the women, children and communities around him.


Our mission is to use biblical standards and principles to create content that inspires people, and especially guys, to have a positive impact on the world around them in the way that they:
  • respect themselves and others,
  • create fruitful habits and relationships,
  • properly love and honor women,
  • care for, raise and protect children,
  • stand out as positive leaders and example
  • and, to choose a life of honor and character.

All of which is designed to help and inspire them to choose to live as Servants, Soldiers, and Heroes that are strong enough to stand against the evil villains and the negative concepts promoted in our current society.


By creating and spreading content around the CENTRY™ Ministry, the CENTRY™ Brand and CENTRY™ Hero, we provide our society, and especially guys, with positive standards and concepts to oppose and uproot the negative, selfish, hateful, lustful and destructive lifestyles, ideas and concepts that they may be exposed to.

By creating content that expresses men of love and honor, we endeavor to inspire people through our videos, content, and community that will ultimately benefit the lives of women, children, and the world by helping guys of all ages, races and backgrounds, to live as Servants, Soldiers and Heroes that Serve, Honor and Protect.

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