“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” Edmund Burke

Eric M. Watterson

Born and raised in Philadelphia, PA, Eric has been involved with male organizations at an early age beginning with the Cub Scouts, Boys Scouts and other men’s groups.

As a certified professional life coach, designer, producer, writer and mentor, Eric has supported males, over the years, towards developing better relationships, especially with their mothers, girlfriends and wives, as well as how they treat women and authority figures. This desire has inspired him to write several books intended to help males “Do Life Better”. (Click here for a few of his books on Amazon)

This desire to support males is also why he has volunteered with Big Brothers and Big Sisters of America along with several other mentoring programs and faith-based organizations, along with working in the Georgia School System with General Education, Emotional Behavior and Autistic children.
As a result, he has seen and experienced first-hand the results of the underlying hurts and pains that children, and especially males, experience and how these pains can lead to emotional issues, negative behavior and a lack of respect if they have no one to help them to understand, process and release these pains in a positive way.
This is where his goal for the CENTRY Brand is designed to support children, single mothers, and especially males, of all ages, by giving them an option of positive ideas and concepts to live by, positive male role models to interact with and a positive brand to connect to and identify with.
All of this is intended to help males “Do Life Better” and “Choose Greatness” as they Serve, Honor & Protect as Modern-Day Servants, Soldiers & Heroes that are fruitful and multiply in their everyday lives.

Prayers for Single Men

Prayers for Married Men

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