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Our CENTRY™ Books & Courses are designed in an “easy to follow” format that’ll help you make the types of choices that enhance your everyday life.

Whether you’re an individual, group or organization, our books are created to help you, your group, and your audience, to develop the skills that’ll enhance your relationships and lives.

Manhood 101: 101 Principles for Becoming a Better Man

Do You Understand the Principles of Great Men?
This book provides the reader with simple concepts that males can easily understand and build upon as he develops into quality manhood. This book also includes:

  • Quick single page concepts and ideas;
  • Supporting quotes and references for each principle and idea.
  • And Much More.

Loving Her God’s Way: How a Man Can Love His Woman and Please God

According to the CDC, Almost 50% of Marriages in the US, end in Divorce or Separation.
When it comes to women, we as men sometimes have no idea of the damage we cause when we don’t show them honor. In this book we also discuss:

  • 5 Ways to Show Her Honor;
  • How the Media Influences the Treatment of Women;
  • And Much More

Your Strength As A Man

How Are You Using Your Strength As A Man?
As a man, you already have all the strength you need to be successful in every area of life. The question is, how are you using it. This is a great workbook for young man and it includes quick and simple lessons about:

  • The Strength of Your Words;
  • Your Strength to Hurt;
  • And Much More

Constructive THOUGHTS: A Lifestyle Of Thinking Constructively, Workbook

Are Your Thoughts Constructing Good Things In Your Life?
Our Constructive Thoughts Workbook and Online Course will help you:

  • Examine and understand the importance of your thoughts;
  • Learn to accept the right thoughts and reject the wrong ones;
  • And much more.

Productive WORDS: Using Words That Are Productive, Workbook

Do you understand how important it is to speak Productive Words?
Our Productive Words Workbook and Online Course will help you:
  • Help you purposely use words that are productive;
  • Teach you how to examine your words
  • And much more

Excellent DECISIONS: Making Decisions That Are Excellent, Workbook

Do You Understand How to Make Excellent Decisions?
Our Excellent Decisions Workbook and Online Course, will help you:
  • Clearly examine the impact of the decisions;
  • Examine how your decisions impact others;
  • And much more.

Beneficial HABITS: Developing Habits That Are Beneficial, Workbook

Would you like to live a life that’s full of Beneficial Habits?
Our Beneficial Habits
Workbook and Online Course will help you:
  • Learn how to examine the effects of your habits;
  • Learn how to adjust and change your habit loop;
  • And much more.

Legendary CHARACTER: Character That Leaves A Legendary Impact, Workbook

Do You Understand the Importance of Character?
Our “Legendary Character: Character That Leaves a Legendary Impact
Workbook and Online Course will help you:
  • Understand what it means to live a life of character;
  • Use character to have a positive impact on others;
  • And much more.

Awesome RELATIONSHIPS: Creating Relationships That Are Awesome, Workbook

Do You Have Beneficial Relationships in Your Life?
Our “Awesome Relationships: Creating Relationships That Are Awesome, Workbook and Online Course” will help you:
  • Understand what makes relationships work;
  • How to protect the relationships that are important;
  • And much more

Pursuing PURPOSE: Living Life In Pursuit Of Purpose, Workbook

Does Your Life Have Meaning and Purpose?
Our “Pursuing Purpose: Living Life in Pursuit of Purpose
 Workbook and Online Course, will help you:
  • Understand the importance of purpose;
  • Examine the difference between your talents and your purpose;
  • And much more.

DAD: Forgiving What He Was; Becoming What He Was Not, Workbook

Do You Know Someone Effected by a Missing DAD? This workbook will help.
Our “DAD: Forgiving What He Was, Becoming What He Was Not Workbook and Online Course will help fatherless guys to:

  • Admit their DAD Pain;
  • Forgive What DAD Was;
  • And Much More.

DAD: Forgiving What He Was; Becoming What He Was Not, Guidebook

Do You Want to Help Someone with a Missing DAD? This will help.
This Guidebook is meant to purposely address these thoughts so that honesty and healing can take place. In the DAD Workbook we address topics like:

  • Help Them Address Their DAD Need;
  • Help Them Understand DAD Better;
  • And Much More.

The Path of Forgiveness: How to Give & Receive Total Forgiveness

Are You Finding It Difficult to Forgive or Be Forgiven?
Forgiveness is that one fact of life that everyone needs to do, but quite frankly many don’t do. This book includes the following 3 mini-books and topics:

  • Part I – I Forgive You: Why You Should Always Forgive
  • Part II – I Just Can’t: How to Forgive the Unforgivable
  • Part III – Didn’t You Forgive Me? How to Be Restored After Being Forgiven
  • And Much More

The Power of Touch: Your 14 Day Guide To A Stronger Relationship

Did You Know That Physical Touch Can Enhance Your Relationship?
This workbook provides couples with simple exercises to complete together to enhance their marriage, relationship, family and future together. The topics include:

  • Daily sections that couples can complete together within 30 mins;
  • Short exercises for couples to perform together.
  • And Much More

How Not 2 Hate Your Job: 13 Viewpoints For Satisfaction At Work

Did You Know That Most People Hate Their Job?
In “How Not 2 Hate Your Job: 13 Viewpoints for Satisfaction at Work”, you’ll learn 13 simple viewpoints designed to adjust your thinking so that you’re not tortured day after day at work. In this book you’ll learn how to:

  • Understand Your Job;
  • Accept Your Boss, Even If They’re a Jerk;
  • And Much More!

How to Get Along with Everyone

Do You Find That People Often Upset You?
In, “How to Get Along with Everyone,” you’ll learn how you can get along with people, despite what they do, say and think about you. This book doesn’t include a magic system but rather a series of small adjustments that you can make that will help you get along with others like:

  • How to Let a Jerk Be A Jerk;
  • Understanding the Levels of Friendship;
  • And Much More.


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