Are You A Guy Looking For Strong Brotherhood Connections To Help You Do Life Better? If So, You’re In The Right Place.

Does This Sound Like You?

  • You have little or no interaction with your natural father and you want some positive male examples in your life…
  • You‘re surrounded by negative, lustful and hateful guys and you find yourself thinking, talking and acting just like them…
  • You want to live like a Christian guy, but you don’t know how to apply want you believe or learn in church to your everyday life…

This Is Why We Created Our Online Community and Brotherhood!

We’re tired of seeing guys make bad decisions, dishonor women, destroy their relationships and have negative results in life because:
  • They are surrounded by negative people and concepts
  • They don’t have anyone to help them make better decisions…
  • They haven’t been shown the value of serving, honoring and helping others…


Our Mission Is To Be An Online Community And Brotherhood That:

  • Creates positive connections that are not limited by location, age or race.
  • Develops a generation of males that live to positively impact their wives, children, families and community.
  • Gives Christian guys a way to connect with other like-minded brothers.


Special Limited Time Introductory Launch Offer

During our introductory and launch phase, we are offering “Free Lifetime Membership Access to the Centry League Community & Brotherhood for a Limited Time!
So, if you’re a guy looking to be connected with other brothers for positive and uplifting accountability, connection, and support, we are for you! Join for free today! You can cancel your membership at anytime.
This is a Limited Time Offer!
Once this Introduction and Launch Phase is over, regular membership fees will begin.


Join other Brothers in Christ of ever color, creed and background as we pursue our Fathers Purpose & Kingdom Now!
“Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.” ~Ecclesiastes 4:12
Please Note:
Community terms and conditions apply for all memberships. CLICK HERE to review them now.
When you join The CENTRY League you are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you don’t feel like you’ve received value from being connected with us, you can cancel your membership at any time. No hassles, headaches or hoops to jump through.

Allow Us The Honor To Support You, Your Son or Your Audience In Your Journey To Greatness!





The following membership levels will begin our introductory stage is over.


Self Paced Membership & Learning
  • Over 37% DISCOUNT – When Paid Annually
  • Cancel Anytime Guarantee!
  • Includes All BASIC Membership Features
  • 60-Day Money Back Guarantee – Cancel Anytime
  • Access to Full Course Library (minus CENTRY™ Training & Development)
  • Take Courses At Your Own Pace
  • See Full Feature List Below


FREE Risk Free Limited Membership
  • RISK FREE – Limited Access
  • Terms & Conditions Required
  • 3 Free Online Courses
  • Course Certificates (where available)
  • Downloadable Free Course Summaries PDF (where available)
  • See Full Feature List Below


CENTRY League Group Accounts are perfect for Parents, Single Moms, Schools, Churches, Organizations and Leaders that want to provide their audience with access to quality personal training and development. 

If You’re A Parent, Single Mom or Organization This A Perfect For You!


For those guys, or parents of sons, that want more personal direction and support, we offer our CENTRY League “Next Level Coaching” programs. Guided by a Certified Life Coach, these programs provide more personalized Christian support and direction in the areas of Behavior, Mindset and Women all designed to help take guys to the Next Level in life. 

For More Personalized Support, Click The Button Below!


Our Official CENTRY™ Development and Training Program is designed to guide males, both young and old, through the standards and principles needed to operate as full CENTRY and Official Brother of The CENTRY™ League. This extensive training course is only for those ready and willing to SERVE, HONOR & PROTECT as Modern-Day SERVANTS, SOLDIERS & HEROES that desire to be Fruitful & Multiply in their everyday lives. 

For More Information About Becoming a Full CENTRY Brother, Click The Button Below!

Not Sure if The CENTRY League is Right For You…

Our Online CENTRY League Community and Brotherhood is NOT for everyone, and truth be told we’d prefer to help you figure out if it’s not right for you BEFORE you join rather than waste your time. So, let’s be real and keep it 100%!

Who Is The CENTRY League For?

  • Guys who are looking for and see the value in having positive connections with other guys…
  • People who want to take their relationships and interactions with others to the next level…
  • Christians who want to be connected with a Christian community to help others and impact the world…
  • Parents who want their sons to be connected with a group of positive guys and content…
  • Action takers willing to learn how to do life better by learning more, being accountable and connecting with others.

Who The CENTRY League Is NOT For?

  • Know it Alls – People who think they know it all and are quick to talk but slow to listen don’t need us. If you think you know it all, there’s no reason to connect with us, because we know we don’t know it all!
  • Anyone looking for a quick fix to their problems or issues or that’s not willing to dedicate time to work on learning new constructive concepts and changing old destructive ones.
  • Finger Pointers and Complainers – If you’re looking for someone to complain with you about others, our wives, our leaders or our nation. We are NOT For You! If you want someone to share or listen to your negativity, don’t waste your time. We’re not a community of whiners!
  • People expecting guaranteed results – we know what we believe works because we live it. But it will be up to you to listen and apply positive principles to your life long enough to see results. So, we can’t guarantee specific results. It would be up to you to apply what you learn for results to happen. 
  • GOD Haters – if you don’t believe in God or His Son Jesus Christ, you don’t want to join our community. As an organization, we strongly believe in Him and strive to apply His teachings to our lives, content and community. However, if you don’t understand but want to learn more about God, and His Son Jesus Christ, we are here for you.
It may seem odd for us to be trying to talk you OUT of becoming a member – but if our Community and Brotherhood is not the right fit for you it wouldn’t help anyone and would cause us all unnecessary drama. We’re dudes. We Don’t Do Drama! 


Special Limited Time Introductory Launch Offer

Complete Feature List





Monthly Fee





Unlimited Access

 3 FREE Courses

Certificates &  Summaries *

 60-Day Money Back Guarantee

Access All Courses **

Self Paced Courses

Guided DAD Course Group

Guided Choose Greatness Group

On-going Mentor Support

CENTRY™ Brother Training

CENTRY™ Ceremony ****

CENTRY™ Unit Placement ****

CENTRY™ Brother Q&A Sessions

CENTRY™ Private Accountability Group

Action Plan Development

1on1 Coaching Sessions

 Accountability Group Access

Group Mentoring Sessions

As Brothers We Can Impact The World As Servants, Soldiers & Heroes!


* Registration Fees cover the purchasing, Shipping & handing of community membership items. Click HERE for more information.

* Some community features may not be available for Basic Access members

** Guided Courses Are Scheduled and may not be 1on and CENTRY Brother Training and Development Course is only available to registered Recruits.

*** If No CENTRY™ Units are available in a Recruits area after the Crossing & Assignment Ceremony, we will begin a Brotherhood development program in that area using the new brother as the 1st member. The Recruit may need to travel to attend their CENTRY™ Brotherhood Assignment Ceremony if there are no other brothers or recruits in his area. Extra $65 will be required for CENTRY™ Brotherhood Assignment Ceremony to cover Meals, Gifts & Fees

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