Below are a few of the Frequently Answered Questions that concern the CENTRY™ League. If you have a question that is not included here please feel free to CONTACT US. Thank You!

Why are there physical workbooks for some courses?

We created workbooks for some of our courses because we want the participants of that course to truly feel connected to it. It’s been proven that writing things down helps to process emotions and enables a higher level of thinking.

We want every person that participates in our courses to feel connected to our brand, our community and our mission to Serve, Honor & Protect and writing things down is one great way to do that. We especially want to help males to understand and convey their own emotions so that they’re equipped to show understanding and concern for the emotions of their women, wives and children.

If you would like more information on, The Effects of Writing Things Down, visit our Community Links Page. (Please Note: A Free Membership Required to view this page)

Is the CENTRY League for young boys and teens only?

No. We want to support males of all ages, nationalities, and backgrounds who want to be connected to a positive Christian group and organization. Adult males need connection just as much as young males do, if not more. Many adult males experience loneliness and isolation and as a result, suffer from depression. In these cases, many males simply need another male to talk to, and we want to be there for them.

If you are a male that just would like to speak with someone, no matter what your age or background, please CONTACT US.

Can adult men join the CENTRY™ League?

Yes! We have focused our efforts towards boys and young men because of the need that many of them have for positive role models and connection. However, the lifestyle to Serve, Honor & Protect as a Servant, Soldier & Hero has no age limit. It’s a goal that every quality man should have and needs to apply in his life. The principles and standards we share, discuss and teach within our Community, Courses, Books and Blog are a must have for every man that wants to have a positive impact on his wife, children and those around him.

We also encourage positive adult, and especially Real Life Christian men, to join us as real world examples of how a quality man treats his wife, children and the people around him.

So, if you’re an adult male that’s never found a positive mission and group to help support and partner with to make you a better son, brother, husband, father and man, please try our FREE 30-Day Membership to see if we can help you in your pursuit of Greatness!

Are the courses just for males, or can women and girls take the courses as well?

Yes women can take our courses as well. Our main focus as an organization is to inspire, support and train males on how to better display love and honor to others and especially the women in their lives.

However, our content is not limited to helping males only, and we welcome the input and interaction from women who are often the mothers, daughters, girlfriends, and wives of the males we support.

Is membership into CENTRY™ League for males only?

Currently yes. Our primary focus is training males on how to better love, treat and support the women and children in their lives. We believe that many of the ways women and children are mistreated in our society is because there’s not enough resources to specifically train males on how to love women. Our goal is to be one of these solutions.

To do this effectively, we believe we need to focus primarily on equipping, supporting and training males. However, we plan to expand our content to support women and children, with topics that enhance their relationships with the males in their lives and what males need from them like, respect and honor.

So we hope women will interact with us and our content to give insight and direction on the effects that our content and training has on them, by how it affects the males in their lives.

How does membership into the CENTRY™ League Brotherhood work?

Our memberships include:

A Free 30-Day Membership: which is for those who want to see what we are about;

Our Standard Membership: for those who want to connect with our brand, services and content, and;

Our Premier Membership: which is our Official Recruit Training for those who want to join The CENTRY™ League as Offical Brothers.

This membership requires completion of the CENTRY™ Recruit Online Course. This course provides each recruit with the understanding of what a CENTRY™  is, how a CENTRY™  thinks, what a CENTRY™  does, and what is required of him as a member and brother of the CENTRY™  League. For more information visit our CENTRY™ League Recruit Page HERE.

What’s the benefit of joining the CENTRY™ League Brotherhood?

The benefit of joining the CENTRY™ League is that you will receive the positive connection, support, training, and accountability that may not currently be readily available to you. Our goal is to support every male that truly wants to live a beneficial life.. If you’re a male that’s destructive, hateful and disrespectful to women, children, and those in authority with no desire to change, then we are NOT for you at this time. But if you’re a male that wants to do better and cares about the impact you have on your women, family, and world around you, we can help you if you let us.

Do you have anything in place for the girls?

Not at this time. However, we are deeply concerned about the daughters, sisters and little girls that desire pure, honest and sincere God Centered love from a quality man and father figure that’s not hurtful, destructive or perverted.

Because of the current mistreatment of our daughters and women through abuse, human trafficking, sex trafficking, child trafficking, prostitution, etc, we understand that we must move very carefully in this area to make sure that our intentions are clear and not misunderstood,

We are currently working on a program for mothers and daughters. If you would like to receive updates and information as it becomes available, please be sure to CONTACT US and Join Our Mailing List and follow us on Social Media.

What if I really want to join but I’m still in school, don’t have a job or I just can’t afford the membership?

At the core of who we are, we truly want everyone that really wants to connect and join us to do so, especially young males who truly desire positive brother connections. If this is you and you cannot currently afford the membership fee, you can apply for an Open Membership by filling out our informational form HERE so we can contact you, learn more about you and see how we can assist you. 

Why the Registration Fee?

To understand the importance of the Registration fee, we need to understand how we develop connections to the people, places and things around us. With that, there are what we consider to be 5 key areas that help us to develop connections to the world around us: 1) What We See; 2 ) What We Hear; 3) How We Think; 4) How We Feel, and; 5) What’s Most Consistent.

Because we truly want to connect with and inspire our members and brothers, we believe that it’s important that there be more than just interacting through technology in the form of websites, blogs, social media, video, messages, etc., to truly become a part of a member and brothers life, we believe that there must be something tangible that they can hold, touch, see, wear and someone to talk with if we expect them to truly connect with our brand and our mission.

We have a registration fee attached to our paid memberships because we truly want to connect with our members. The Registration Fee helps us to connect with members and brothers by providing them with tangible items that they can see, read and wear to remind them of their connection to us and our goal to help develop them into modern day CENTRY™ Heroes that Serve, Honor & Protect. By providing members and potential brothers with items they can look at and hold we hope to develop a closeness with them that will stand in contrast to some of the negative influences that they may be used to and interact with.

This is the importance of the Registration Fee.

Click HERE for more information on how we develop connections in life.

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