CENTRY™ Brother Training & Development

We’re Not a Social Club; We’re a Brotherhood Organization. We’re Creating, Supporting and Empowering Servants, Soldiers & Heroes.

Centry Brother Development

“The Greatest Among You Must Be A Servant.”

The CENTRY™ CODEX Brother Training is our online course designed to guide males, both young and old, through the standards and principles needed to operate as an effective Member and Brother of The CENTRY™ League. This extensive training course is only for those ready and willing to SERVE, HONOR & PROTECT as Modern-Day SERVANTS, SOLDIERS & HEROES that desire to be Fruitful & Multiply in their everyday lives.

Our ultimate goal for every Official CENTRY™ Member and Brother is for him to find connection, accountability and support as a member of The CENTRY™ League, both online and in person, where he can fellowship and connect with other CENTRY Brothers in units that consist of at least 5 members/brothers. For those who wish to become part of the CENTRY™ League but there are not other CENTRY Brothers in his area, he will always have our online brotherhood where he can connect with other brothers, along with training, support, and development in the ways of a CENTRY™. He may also become a point of contact for a future CENTRY™ League Unit to be developed in his area.

This training is based on “THE CODEX: THE CENTRY™ CODE OF CONDUCT”. Within this Manual are detailed explanations of how each brother is expected to live, think and act as he Serves, Honors & Protects as a Servant, Soldier & Hero. As part of this training, each Recruit is required to have a physical copy of THE CODEX that he will fill out and bring with him to his official CENTRY initiation ceremony if he completes his Recruit Training.

(An additional cost of $24.99 is required for the printing, shipping & handling of each CODEX Hardcover Manual)

THE CODEX explains the core beliefs and expectations that each CENTRY™ Brother is required to operate by as a member of The CENTRY™ League. This training includes:

  • The “iCORE”: The 3 Core Identities of a CENTRY™ which are to pursue the identity and mindset of a Servant, A Soldier & A Hero; and,
  • The “aCORE”: The 3 Core Actions of a CENTRY™ which are to display the actions and lifestyle to “Serve, Honor & Protect.”


The following are the four ways in which we strategically train, build and support each CENTRY™ brother and CENTRY™ Recruit of the CENTRY™ League.

For brothers in areas where there are not other members around, it’s vital that they fully interact with our ONLINE Community and Brotherhood for support and interactions.


1. Brother Development:
The following are five of the ways we will develop each brother into a quality male and CENTRY™ brother through:

  • The CENTRY™ Recruit Course & Process;
  • Providing content speakers and programs about values, goals, family, business, purpose, etc.
  • Watch and discuss related documentaries individually or as a group;
  • Spend time and get insight from police officers, soldiers, teachers, and community leaders;
  • Personal development classes, tests, and activities designed to help brothers find their strengths, weaknesses, and talents;
  • And much more…

All of these activities are intended to develop values and a code of conduct in line with the principles and standards of a CENTRY™.


2. Brotherhood Fellowship:
The following are five of the ways we will build strong bonds within the organization.

  • Round-table & online discussions designed to learn and support each CENTRY™ personally, to discuss ideas, and share strengths, weaknesses, failures, deal with issues, etc.;
  • Group outings like off-road bike riding, hiking and go-kart racing;
  • One-on-one counseling and support;
  • Group topic discussions;
  • Additional team-building events;
  • And much more…

All of these activities are designed to create an atmosphere of fellowship and comradery among brothers of different races and backgrounds where we can share ideas, create lasting bonds, and learn from each other.


3. Service Missions:
The following are five of the ways we will perform strategic acts of service to families, the community, and other nonprofit organizations.

  • Feeding and helping the homeless;
  • Trips to juvenile centers and group homes;
  • Visiting homes for the sick and elderly;
  • Fathers and Sons & Fathers and Daughters events and outings;
  • And much more…

All of these activities are designed to allow us as a group of males to serve the community and teach each brother the importance of serving others.


4. Brother Support:
The following are five of the ways we will support each brother to help him find his personal identity and keep him engaged with the organization.

  • Weekly checkups on attitude and personal life events;
  • Follow-ups with each brother’s personal contacts on their private behavior away from the League like mothers, teachers, siblings, wives, children, and bosses;
  • Private Access for a brother’s parents, wife, siblings to contact a member of the League for help and or support of a brother’s behavior away from the League;
  • Online Brotherhood and Mentoring to interact with brothers through social media and the internet;
  • Anonymous or personal submissions of challenges and concerns that can be discussed one on one or in a group;
  • And much more…

All of these activities are designed to make sure no brother feels alone and unsupported as a member of The CENTRY™ League or in life.

We take the CENTRY™ Recruit Course and Training, and the principles and standards explained within it very seriously and expect each brother and potential brother to take them seriously as well. If they don’t take the Core Principles of a CENTRY™ seriously, their words, actions and beliefs will express this, and they will hinder the effectiveness and growth of the entire CENTRY™ League.

We see each member and brother of the CENTRY™ League as a vital part of our overall goal and mission to serve our women, children, society and the world. So, it’s vital that each brother accepts that goal and mission as his own as well.

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