Official CENTRY™ Training & Development Program

We SERVE, HONOR & PROTECT As Modern-Day SERVANTS, SOLDIERS & HEROES That Are Fruitful & Multiply.

Centry Brother Development

“The Greatest Among You Must Be A Servant.”

The Official CENTRY™ League Brotherhood is where Christian men come together in an Organized High-Level Military Grade Commitment to the Kingdom of God. 
This Kingdom Brotherhood is not for the average Christian guy, that’s satisfied with average results, average relationships, an average marriage or receiving average rewards in Heaven. 
This brotherhood is NOT for guys that are limited by the mindset, “It doesn’t take all that.” or “God doesn’t require that.”
As a brotherhood, we receive everything that the Blood of Jesus has done for us. And because He’s given us his all, there will never be a way we can outdo what He’s already done. We are committed to Serve everyone we can; We are committed to Honor others whether they honor us or not, and; We are committed to give our lives to Protect our wives, our children and our destinies from evil, negativity and darkness. 
We go above and beyond what average Christian Guys do for God, with a soldier’s mindset to serve him and His Kingdom. We strive for excellence in our commitment, in our lifestyle, in our relationship, in our words, in our thoughts and in our actions to the Kingdom of God.
If you’re a Christian guy that just wants to make it into Heaven, we’re not for you, most churches will help you do that. As a Brotherhood, we will hold each other accountable to how we treat our wives, how we talk about others and the actions we take, both in public and behind closed doors. This is the type of accountability and commitment that comes from a strong resolute dedication of faith in God that allows us to KNOW that not only he can do, but he will do!  The average Christian guy would want to hide from others to maintain his spiritual image of perfection. This type of Christian guy would just slow us down and is not welcome in our brotherhood. 
However , if you want to become the type of Man that truly displays the Kingdom of God, in every area of your life, without compromise, without excuses and without fitting in with the world, join us!
Together We Serve, Honor & Protect as Servants, Soldiers & Heroes that are Fruitful & Multiply. 

The Purpose:
The purpose of this training is to provide every Official CENTRY™ Member and Brother with:

  • A Strong Brotherhood Connection
  • Honest Accountability and Support
  • Fellowship With CENTRY Brothers
  • Online Community
  • Official Welcome Ceremony
  • Quality Christian Fellowship
  • And Much More

The Benefits:
What’s the benefit of becoming an Official Brother and Member of The CENTRY League?

  • Lifelong brother on call status and connection to our intimate brotherhood network.
  • Discounts on all future products and promotions.
  • Special Free offers and gifts.
  • Leadership opportunities and positions as we grow and expand.
  • Special access to all events or meetings.
  • Premier consideration for paid positions and opportunities within the CENTRY League.
  • Special Affiliate compensation and status for new members and brothers that join the Community and Brotherhood from your invitation.
  • Lifelong Connections with Christian brothers of every color, location and background around the world.

THE CODEX explains the core beliefs and expectations that each CENTRY™ Brother is required to operate by as a member of The CENTRY™ League.

This training includes:

The “iCORE”: The 3 Core Identities of a CENTRY™ which are to pursue the identity and mindset of a Servant, A Soldier & A Hero; and,

The “aCORE”: The 3 Core Actions of a CENTRY™ which are to display the actions and lifestyle to “Serve, Honor & Protect.”

If you are ready to join a group of value based group of males that want to have a positive impact on the world…Join Us Today!


The Program Features:

Our Training and Development Program provides each Recruit with the following:
  • 1 Hardback Copy of THE CODEX – The Centry Code of Conduct
  • 1 CENTRY Mission T
  • 1 CENTRY Cap
  • 1 Acrylic Wristband
  • Final Ceremony and Assignment Items: Items needed and planning for the Official CENTRY Brother Crossing Ceremony (this maybe virtual if needed)
  • Admin Fees: Admin fees for Local Research and Verified Mission status for wherever the Recruit lives
  • CENTRY Unit Accountability Group Placement
    CENTRY Brother Q&A Sessions
  • Official CENTRY Medallion: Each Recruit will be given the option to purchase an exclusive CENTRY™ Medallion that are not for sale to the general public. This Medallion is cost with an additional fee of from $40-$135 based on the type of metal chosen. This option is only available to recruits who complete the Development process and become Official brothers. Medallion order is made available before the Official CENTRY Crossing Ceremony. 

For brothers in areas where there are not other members around, it’s vital that they fully interact with our ONLINE Community and Brotherhood for support and interactions.

Five Ways We Develop:

The following are five of the ways we will develop each recruit into a quality male and CENTRY™ brother through:

  1. Providing content, programs and discussions about values, goals, family, business, purpose, etc.
  2. Watch and discuss related documentaries and videos individually or as a group;
  3. Spend time and get insight from police officers, soldiers, teachers, and community leaders;
  4. Personal development assignments, missions, classes, tests, and activities designed to help brothers find their strengths, weaknesses, and talents;
  5. Consistent accountability and support to help each brother live as a Servant, Soldier & Hero

All of these activities are intended to develop values and a code of conduct in line with the principles and standards of a CENTRY™.

To Be Notified When Registration Opens for the Official CENTRY Training & Development Program, please complete the interest form below to be notified.

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