CENTRY™ Requirements

We’re looking for males that want to connect with us as official members/brothers of our organization to assist us in our overall goal to become Servants, Soldiers, and Heroes that enhance the lives of others and support the community. The following are a few of the requirements that will be needed to successfully join our mission.

Each member will need to commit to the CENTRY™ Recruit Course and Training which lasts between 8 to 16 weeks that explains and expresses the core beliefs and expectations required for active membership within the CENTRY™ League.

Each member must consistently participate with lessons, group meetings, missions and discussions.

Each member must provide honest feedback about their personal background, hurts, desires, thoughts, etc. for us to properly support and encourage them.

Each member is required to participate in Brotherhood Meetings, Interactions, Discussions and Service Missions.

Access to Technology:
Each member will need access to technology which provides him access to the Internet for online training, meetings, conference calls, chats, text messages and other forms of communications.

Core Contacts:
Each member must provide a consistently updated list of 1-3 core contacts that we are allowed to communicate with for support and interaction in the forms of a parent, sibling, wife, teenage or adult child, coach, boss and/or teacher. These core contacts will also be able to contact us in reference to the behavior or needs of a CENTRY™ Member/Brother.

Parental/Guardian/Wife Support:
To be truly successful in our endeavor to positively impact the life of a Recruit/Brother/Member, we will need support from parents, guardians, wives and others that will hold them to the principles of The CENTRY™ League in other settings like at home, school, sports, job, etc.

A Desire for Change and Growth:
We’re looking for males who want to become better in life and grow as husbands, fathers, sons, and brothers. We will not accept males that are being forced to participate with us or our content as an Official CENTRY™ Recruit simply because if the male doesn’t not “want to” be connected with us, he will get very little if anything out of that connection.

Belief and Honor for God:
As an organization, we believe in God the Father, His son Jesus Christ and His Holy Spirit. From this belief we create all our content, events and materials. It’s also the foundation by which we endeavor to Serve, Honor & Protect as Servants, Soldiers and Heroes. We will not force this belief on anyone, and we do not want to offend anyone of contrary beliefs. So, we want everyone that considers membership as an Official CENTRY Brother to be aware of this so that they understand what they are connecting to when they join us. As an organization, we are not open to contrary perspectives and beliefs concerning this, so we reserve the right to protect our organization and brotherhood from anyone that would undermine that belief and standard. In the words of Chief Tecumseh, Trouble no one about their religion; respect others in their view, and demand that they respect yours.” Enough said.

There’s an Impact We Won’t Have in The World, Without You!


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