“The Greatest Among You Will Be Your Servant.”

Being Ordinary is Common | Living a Life of Greatness is a Choice

Our CHOOSE GREATNESS Mentoring Program and Content is designed to lead guys through a Path of 7 Specific Modules that will Create a Life of Greatness.

Our Path of Greatness begins when You Develop…(#1) Constructive THOUGHTS that Help You Speak…(#2) Productive WORDS that Support… (#3) Excellent DECISIONS that Lead to… (#4) Beneficial HABITS that in turn Create… (#5) Legendary CHARACTER that’s the Foundation of… (#6) Awesome RELATIONSHIPS that Grow and Flourish when You’re… (#7) Pursuing PURPOSE that Benefits Others and Creates a Life of GREATNESS.  All of which is Enhanced when You (Bonus Module) Purposely Forgive DAD: for What DAD Was or Was Not, if Your Dad was Missing or Inactive in Your Life.

The 3C’s – 3 Areas of Focus

The following are three areas that we focus on in The CENTRY League and The Choose Greatness Programs:

#1: Content

Our Content provides Context for how we think, act and live as Servants, Soldiers and Heroes. Our mission is to do more than just tell brothers “What” to do, like Serve, Honor & Protect, we must give them context on “Why” they should Serve, Honor & Protect and how it benefits themselves and others when they do.

This is why we create content in the form of Books, Courses and Videos that provide guys with the Principles and Standards that benefit them, their wives, their children, their families and the world around them.

#2: Connection

Every guy desires connection. This is one reason why Gangs, Sports Teams, Organizations and Fraternities draw so many guys to them all over the world.  These organizations provide a sense of brotherhood connection. Everyone needs to feel connected to other people. We all want to feel loved, important and valued by the people around us. But what if there’s no one around you to help give you that sense of value and importance that we all need?

Our mission is to provide guys with a Positive Brotherhood Connection that will not only give them identity but help create a life that benefits themselves and others. Our Choose Greatness Mentoring Program is designed to provide guys with the positive male connections they need and desire to become great in life.

#3: Choice

Every act of our lives affects us, either good or bad. For example, the Choice of Working out provides better health and muscle development. According to the CDC, the choice to smoke “leads to disease and disability and harms nearly every organ system of the body.” (Click Here to Review CDC Article) Rewards & Choices and the results of those choices are a part of life.

As a participant of the Choose Greatness Mentoring Program, every guy is rewarded and evaluated on their ability to speak, act and operate in line with the standards and principles that create greatness. The choice and the results of those choices, either positive or negative, are designed to help each participant develop critical thinking skills and plan for success in their relationships and lives.

Our “Points and Pushups Policy” rewards participants for their choices. This policy allows guys to earn Green Points and Receive Rewards for their “Positive Behavior”. It also allows them to earn Red Points and Perform Pushups as a result of their “Negative Behavior”. To learn more about our “Points and Pushup Policy” CLICK HERE NOW >>

Please Note: Any guy physically unable or unwilling to abide by the “Points & Pushup Policy” may not be able to participant in the CG Program since it’s what we use to reward and evaluate the guys who truly want to be a part of the program and remove those that do not.

Our Choose Greatness Program and Content is Designed to Inspire and Equip Guys to Pursue Greatness in Their Everyday Lives.

Make Your Selection Below:


Our Choose Greatness Mentoring Program is perfect for schools that would like to have an in school mentoring program available for their young men.


Our Group Mentoring is perfect for Organizations, Churches and Groups that want to provide additional support to the guys attached to their organization to help them Choose Greatness.


Our Virtual Mentoring Groups are not limited by location and allows guys to come together online to support each other in a safe and uplifting environment.


Our Choose Greatness Workbooks, Online Courses and Content are what we use for the Choose Greatness Programs and can be purchase here or on


Click here if you’re a parent, school counselor, school principal and/or mentor that would like to learn more about the Choose Greatness Program.


Click here if you would like to sponsor a young man, school or group for a CG Mentoring Program or would like to donate to help us in our mission.

Choose Destiny

“May your choices reflect your
hopes, not your fears.
~ Nelson Mandela

Choose Service

“Heroes are made by the paths they choose, not the powers they have.”
~ Brodi Ashton

Choose Family

“It’s not hard to make decisions when you know what your values are.”
~ Roy Disney



Our Choose Greatness Gear is required for our School Mentoring Program and CENTRY Missions. This Gear helps create Unity and Oneness as we come together as Heroic Soldiers!

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