“The Greatest Among You Must Be A Servant”
The purpose of our Choose Greatness Coaching & Mentoring Program is to help individuals, boys, sons, fathers, husbands and males to choose the greatness that’s already within them. The negativity of the world, has created enough childish, negative, selfish and destructive males that hurt women, children and destroy our society. It’s time for the Real Men to stand up!
The purpose of this content is to inspire and assist individuals, and especially males, to release the hero inside them.
Our desire is for everyone that sees our logo, and interacts with our content to be reminded that there’s a hero inside them. But if this hero is to ever come out and impact the world around them, they must be willing to Choose Greatness!

Choose Family

“It’s not hard to make decisions when you know what your values are.”
~ Roy Disney


Choose Destiny

“May your choices reflect your
hopes, not your fears.
~ Nelson Mandela

Choose Service

“Heroes are made by the paths they choose, not the powers they are graced with.”
~ Brodi Ashton


Our purpose for our CENTRY™ CHOOSE GREATNESS Coaching & Mentoring Program is to inspire and lead males to “Choose Greatness” in their everyday lives. Our goal is to give individuals, and especially males, the tools the need to desire, pursue and embrace greatness in their lives.


DAD Book & Online Course

Our DAD Book and Online Course is designed to help males, growing up without a positive male role model, address their feelings that surround DAD, while also helping them to pursue their personal best and greatness. This DAD Content will help males choose greatness, whether DAD is there to help them or not.

Legendary CHARACTER Book & Online Course

Our Legendary Character Content will help individuals understand the importance of character and how it effects their lives. This content on character explains both positive and negative character traits in order to help individuals choose the character traits that display greatness. 

Awesome RELATIONSHIPS Book & Online Course

Our Awesome Relationships Content will help individuals understand the principles needed to have awesome relationships at home with their families, at school with their teachers and classmates, on their jobs with their bosses and coworkers and in their marriages with their spouses and children.

Excellent DECISIONS Book & Online Course

Our Excellent Decisions Content will teach individuals to understand what it means to make decisions that not only benefit them, but the people around them. This content teaches individuals the difference between destructive and positive decisions and how their decisions effect their lives and destiny.

We must help our kids choose

With the growing amount of negative influences that are presented to our children, it’s important that we help them to choose greatness over destruction.


Within The CENTRY™ League, our goal is to Serve, Honor & Protect. So we would be honored if you would allow us the privilege to assist you, your child, your organization or someone you know to Choose Greatness. Please select one of our content options and give us the honor of helping you or someone you know to Choose Greatness!
Thank you and we look forward to serving you!

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