Our Path of Greatness begins when you develop…(#1) Constructive THOUGHTS that help you speak…(#2) Productive WORDS that support… (#3) Excellent DECISIONS that lead to… (#4) Beneficial HABITS that in turn create… (#5) Legendary CHARACTER that’s the foundation of… (#6) Awesome RELATIONSHIPS that grow and flourish when your… (#7) Pursuing PURPOSE that benefits others and creates a life of GREATNESS.  All of which is enhanced when you purposely forgive (Bonus Module) DAD: for What DAD Was or Was Not, if your Dad was missing or not active in your life.

CG0 – CHOOSE GREATNESS Program Guide – Complete

Our “CHOOSE GREATNESS Program Guide” provides:

  • A step by step outline for participants of our Full Choose Greatness Program;
  • A complete structure for all 7 sections of the complete CHOOSE GREATNESS Series.

CG1 – Constructive THOUGHTS

Our “Constructive Thoughts: Developing Thoughts That Are Constructive” Workbook and Online Course will help you:

  • Examine and understand the importance of your thoughts;
  • Learn to accept the right thoughts and reject the wrong ones;
  • And much more.

CG2 – Productive WORDS

Our “Productive Words: Using Words That Are Productive” Workbook and Online Course will help you:
  • Help you purposely use words that are productive;
  • Teach you how to examine your words
  • And much more

CG3 – Excellent DECISIONS

Our “Excellent Decisions: Making Decisions That Are ExcellentWorkbook and Online Course, will help you:
  • Clearly examine the impact of the decisions;
  • Examine how your decisions impact others;
  • And much more.

CG4 – Beneficial HABITS

Our “Beneficial Habits: Developing Habits That Are Beneficial Workbook and Online Course will help you:
  • Learn how to examine the effects of your habits;
  • Learn how to adjust and change your habit loop;
  • And much more.

CG5 – Legendary CHARACTER

Our “Legendary Character: Character That Leaves a Legendary Impact Workbook and Online Course will help you:
  • Understand what it means to live a life of character;
  • Use character to have a positive impact on others;
  • And much more.


Our “Awesome Relationships: Creating Relationships That Are Awesome, Workbook and Online Course” will help you:
  • Understand what makes relationships work;
  • How to protect the relationships that are important;
  • And much more

CG7 – Pursuing PURPOSE

Our “Pursuing Purpose: Living Life in Pursuit of Purpose Workbook and Online Course, will help you:
  • Understand the importance of purpose;
  • Examine the difference between your talents and your purpose;
  • And much more.


Our “DAD: Forgiving What He Was, Becoming What He Was Not Workbook and Online Course will help fatherless guys to:
  • Admit their DAD Pain;
  • Forgive What DAD Was;
  • And Much More.


Our Choose Greatness Gear is required for our School Mentoring Program and CENTRY Missions. This Gear helps create Unity and Oneness as we come together as Heroic Soldiers!

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