Ordinary is Automatic;
Greatness is a Choice

The Choose Greatness Program consists of 7 workbooks & online courses developed to take people, and especially guys, through the 7 key aspects of life, that once they’re understood and applied, will lead to a life of Greatness.

These 7 Aspects Include:
#1: Constructive THOUGHTS that Help You Speak…
#2: Productive WORDS that Support…
#3: Excellent DECISIONS that Lead to…
#4: Beneficial HABITS that in turn Create…
#5: Legendary CHARACTER that’s the Foundation of…
#6: Awesome RELATIONSHIPS that Grow and Flourish when You’re…
#7: Pursuing PURPOSE that Benefits Others and Creates a Life of GREATNESS.  

All of which is Enhanced when You (Bonus Module) Purposely Forgive DAD: for What DAD Was or Was Not, if Your Dad was Missing or Inactive in Your Life.

CG0 – CHOOSE GREATNESS Program Guide – Complete

Our “CHOOSE GREATNESS Program Guide” provides:

  • A step by step outline for participants of our Full Choose Greatness Program;
  • A complete structure for all 7 sections of the complete CHOOSE GREATNESS Series.

CG1 – Constructive THOUGHTS

Our “Constructive Thoughts: Developing Thoughts That Are Constructive” Workbook and Online Course will help you:

  • Examine and understand the importance of your thoughts;
  • Learn to accept the right thoughts and reject the wrong ones;
  • And much more.

CG2 – Productive WORDS

Our “Productive Words: Using Words That Are Productive” Workbook and Online Course will help you:
  • Help you purposely use words that are productive;
  • Teach you how to examine your words
  • And much more

CG3 – Excellent DECISIONS

Our “Excellent Decisions: Making Decisions That Are ExcellentWorkbook and Online Course, will help you:
  • Clearly examine the impact of the decisions;
  • Examine how your decisions impact others;
  • And much more.

CG4 – Beneficial HABITS

Our “Beneficial Habits: Developing Habits That Are Beneficial Workbook and Online Course will help you:
  • Learn how to examine the effects of your habits;
  • Learn how to adjust and change your habit loop;
  • And much more.

CG5 – Legendary CHARACTER

Our “Legendary Character: Character That Leaves a Legendary Impact Workbook and Online Course will help you:
  • Understand what it means to live a life of character;
  • Use character to have a positive impact on others;
  • And much more.


Our “Awesome Relationships: Creating Relationships That Are Awesome, Workbook and Online Course” will help you:
  • Understand what makes relationships work;
  • How to protect the relationships that are important;
  • And much more

CG7 – Pursuing PURPOSE

Our “Pursuing Purpose: Living Life in Pursuit of Purpose Workbook and Online Course, will help you:
  • Understand the importance of purpose;
  • Examine the difference between your talents and your purpose;
  • And much more.


Our “DAD: Forgiving What He Was, Becoming What He Was Not Workbook and Online Course will help fatherless guys to:
  • Admit their DAD Pain;
  • Forgive What DAD Was;
  • And Much More.


Our Choose Greatness T Reminds The Wearer That Their Choices Matter!

“The Greatest Among You Will Be Your Servant.”

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