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Would You Like to Be a Part of Joining Guys Together in The Body of Christ?

“so that there should be no division in the body, but that its parts should have equal concern for each other. If one part suffers, every part suffers with it; if one part is honored, every part rejoices with it.” ~1 Corinthians 12:25,26 NIV

CENTRY Missions are strategic and focused outings, sponsored by the CENTRY League, designed to unite guys in the Body of Christ across the lines of race, denomination, background, pop culture and the local church.

During CENTRY Missions groups of interracial guys come together to serve the community, help others, learn, fellowship and enhance their commitment to God and His Kingdom through their relationship with Jesus Christ.

The purpose of CENTRY Missions is to use the CENTRY Brand and its core beliefs to:

  • Display Unity Through Multiracial Christian Fellowship
  • Create Opportunities for Guys to Serve the Community
  • Help Guys Grow & Develop in their Relationship with Christ
  • Express Kingdom Principles in the Community
  • Stand Against the evil that causes Division and Hatred in our Communities and the World.

Why CENTRY Missions?

There are many churches, ministries, nonprofits and organizations that strive to serve the community. So why join a CENTRY Mission?

CENTRY Missions are designed to unite Christians from different races, churches, communities and backgrounds together in Christ centered Missions that express the multifaceted, multicultural and multinational nature of God.

The unity of every race, every culture and every background would only express a small portion of “WHO” and “WHAT” God is.

CENTRY Missions are our way of displaying the Nature of God by purposely creating unity, love and service where there is division, hatred and neglect.

We Can Overcome the evil That divides US, By Using Gods LOVE to UNITE US.

CENTRY Mission Objectives:

The objectives for CENTRY Missions will be to come together as Christian guys.

  • To Give: gifts, items and things that will help those in need
  • To Assist: homeless shelters, elderly homes, children’s hospitals, nonprofits
  • To Feed: the Homeless, underserved kids, single parents,
  • To Build: bird houses, doll houses, furniture, assist nonprofits and help build homes
  • To Support: organizations that are having a positive impact on the community
  • To Fellowship: with other guys in the Body of Christ from different cultures, churches and backgrounds
  • To Learn: about each other, about how to pray and how to support those in need
  • To Discuss: positive and uplifting topics, habits and activities that will help and expand our relationships, lives and the Kingdom of God.

CENTRY Mission Unit Specifics:

  • Unit Size: Each unit should consist of at least 5 to 12 guys
  • Racial Representation: Each unit should display equal racial representation of guys. For example, the perfect Mission Unit would consist of 2 Asian/Pacific Guys, 2 Black/African Guys, 2 Hispanic/Latino Guys, 2 Native American/Alaskan Natives Guys & 2 White/Caucasian Guys.
  • Uniform: Each Unit Member is required to wear a CENTRY Mission T-shirt to help us clearly be recognized by the organization or people we are serving. However, if a participant decides to wear the complete CENTRY Mission Uniform that would be great. View MENTORING / MISSION GEAR Here
  • Leadership: At least two Adult Leaders per Unit or Mission
  • Age Range: Unit ages ranging from 9 and up: (unit members, 16 and under, may bring close friend, parent or family member, especially for their first mission outing)

As Jesus Followers, we can Overcome the evil in the world with the GOOD of the KINGDOM.

CENTRY Mission Participants

The following are a few groups and organizations that would benefit from participating in a CENTRY Mission.

  • Church Men’s & Youth Groups
  • Christian Ministries
  • Father & Son Outings
  • Foster Parents & Organizations
  • Group Homes
  • Single Mom & Sons
  • Christian Guys


If you’re a guy, or parent of a son, that would like to join our Mission to Unite Guys in the Body of Christ and Serve the Community, please click the button below and complete the Interest Form on the next page.




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Why Create CENTRY Missions?

We created CENTRY Missions because our enemies want to keep people, and especially Christians, fighting, arguing and divided across the lines of race, denomination, culture, politics, etc.

We believe that if we are “really” going to address the issues in our culture and society, it must be done ON PURPOSE and under the Banner of Jesus Christ!

CENTRY Missions address the need for unity in our country and world by helping Christ centered guys come together as one, while purposely doing for others!

Is the matching “uniform” required?

No. We do not require each participant to wear the full CENTRY Mission Uniform. We only require each participant to wear a matching “CENTRY Mission Tshirt” as a display of unity and so that we can be clearly distinguished by the organization we are serving.

However, organizations that dress alike show a greater display of unity than a bunch of guys just hanging out. Police officers, soldiers in the military and even gangs increase their overall impact and the identity of its members when there’s is oneness in clothing. 

Within the Official CENTRY Brotherhood we purpose to express this type of oneness, however we do not require this for those who wish to join us in our missions to serve others. 

Who can join a CENTRY Mission?

CENTRY Missions are currently open only to guys and Single Mothers who wish to accompany their sons on a mission. However, all guys are welcome to join.

It’s important to understand that The CENTRY League is a Christian based organization. So, during CENTRY Missions we will pray, serve others, build each other up through positive topics and discuss Christ Jesus as Lord.

Any person that doesn’t agree with those beliefs should understand that a CENTRY Mission is probably NOT a good fit for them.

Is there an age limit?

Not at all! We want guys of all ages to join us. However, if you’re under the age of 18 we will need to get approval from a parent or guardian for you to attend, or a parent or guardian will need to accompany you on the mission.

Single mothers with sons are of course very welcome to join us for the 1st couple of missions, if they wish to accompany their sons.

Is there a cost to attend a CENTRY Mission?

We do ask for a Minimum Contribution Fee for each CENTRY Mission participant to cover the following:

  • Breakfast Snack
  • Transportation
  • Contribution towards whatever gift or service we give that day to children, women, the homeless, etc.
  • Lunch & Fellowship
  • Discussion Materials
  • 1st Centry Mission T-shirt

For the most recent minimum contribution, please visit the Official CENTRY Mission website by clicking HERE.

How long does the Mission last?

Currently, CENTRY Missions are scheduled on Saturday mornings and start between 8am – 9am and should be over by 5pm – 6pm

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