Every “REAL” Christian has a Hero Inside!

Every boy is born with an inner HERO that longs to get out. However, if this inner HERO isn’t cultivated by his father, family and community, this desire can be easily lost.

To help restore a guy’s inner HERO, we train him in the following CORE areas.

The Core Actions of a HERO are:


To Serve Others in Mind & Actions


To Honor Others, in Word & Deed


To Protect Others & What’s Important

The Core Identities of a HERO are:


Someone That’s Willing to Serve Others, Without Recognition


Someone That Lives in Honor, for Himself and His Team


Someone That Acts When Others Won’t, to Benefit Others

We believe that combining these CORE Actions and Identities are the foundation of creating a HERO.

Our Programs & Content is Designed to Inspire Individuals, Guys and Groups to Live As Modern-Day Heroes.

Why Connect With Us?

So, what type of males are we looking for and who should connect with us?  We are looking for males who want to make a difference.

If you desire to…

  • Be all that you were created to be;
  • Become free from negative behaviors that hold you back;
  • Be successful in the things you do;
  • Become great in your relationships and life;
  • Be someone that stands out from the crowd, and;
  • Be a man worthy of honor and respect…

Then We Want YOU!!!

CENTRY Choose Greatness Logo

Greatness Is Not Automatic, It Must Be Chosen!
We Want To Help You To Choose Greatness!

Our overall goal as an organization is to inspire, support, educate, and help males to choose greatness by helping them see the consequences of negative behavior and the benefits of positive actions.

We believe that there’s greatness inside of each of us, but it must be chosen. 

Prayers for Single Men

Prayers for Married Men

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