Online CENTRY™ League Community & Brotherhood

The Online CENTRY™ League Community & Brotherhood is our online platform where we further our mission to inspire, teach and train males to Serve, Honor & Protect in their everyday lives as modern day Servants, Soldiers & Heroes that love their wives, children, families and community. Our Online Community is designed to create positive connections between members and inspire them to Choose Greatness instead of destruction or selfishness.


The purpose of the community in to create an environment where members are constantly provided with the tools, connections and support that leads them to greatness in the way they see themselves and how they treat others and impact the world around them.

The purpose of the Online CENTRY™ League is to provide:

  • An Online Community for Like-minded Individuals;
  • Coaching and Mentoring that’s Not hindered by location;
  • Provide Coaching and Mentoring to members;
  • Help members to pursue greatness, learn and grow from past mistakes;
  • Guidance to make a plan for their future;
  • Develop the skills that make them invaluable;
  • A platform to interact and find positive male role models;
  • Forums to connect and engage for instruction and direction;
  • Provide advice and coaching within open groups and 1on1 sessions;
  • Create a great way for members to engage and interact under a positive brand;
  • A way for members to connect and learn from each other;
  • Support for single mothers in raising their sons, and;
  • Create an online community specifically created to help individuals, and especially males, to find Greatness in life.
  • And, Much More.

Online Community & Brotherhood Features:

Coaching & Mentoring

Each member of our online community will have access to coaching and mentoring depending on their membership level, either within a group, 1on1 and/or within access to our online forums, chats and members.

Online Courses

Our courses are intended to help enhance relationships and instill into members positive concepts. Our courses can be taken on a one on one bases for free as part of a paid membership plan.

Member Profiles

Our online community and brotherhood revolves around our members. Members and brothers have the option to customize their profile with fully editable profile fields that allow members to share details about themselves with others.

Social Groups

Members can organize themselves into social groups with separate activity feeds and member listings.

Forum Discussions

Our forum discussions allow members to communicate in a structured, bulletin-board style fashion around positive concepts and ideas.

Private Messaging

Members have the ability to send private messages to one member or a group of members for connection, council and support.

Community Events

We provide community specific events where we meet around topics, have speakers and led discussions designed to instill and equip us to better serve, Honor & Protect in the form of site-wide events or group only events for members.


Certificates are awarded based on quiz performance, completing a course, or both as a way to encourage course completion and interaction with our site and content.

Points, Rewards & Achievements

Points are awarded when users achieve specific steps such as interacting and/or commenting on content or engaging with other members within the community.

We encourage our members to keep returning and interacting with our community by providing rewards such as unlocking additional content or additional discounts as they interact with the community and members.

Achievements provide a fun and interactive environment that rewards members for completing certain tasks and steps.


One final aspect of our brotherhood and community is to provide accountability for guys to Choose Greatness in the life they lead and the impact they have on the women, children and people in their lives.

Please Note:
Some features may not be available under the Basic Membership Plan

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