The online courses, included with our community memberships, contain our original material written and published to express our core principles of Serve, Honor & Protect intended to instill into our members, and especially males, the principles needed to become the types of males that parents, girlfriends, wives, children, friends and bosses long for.

Our courses are based on “easy to follow” concepts that are often difficult to apply in our negative, selfish and childish society. Especially without a quality example of a man to follow.

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*Please Note: This does NOT include the Offical CENTRY™ League CODEX Brotherhood Development that’s only available for Brotherhood Training

This is why the structured “Group Sessions” included with our online community are so powerful. Through these “Online Group Sessions” we can develop more sincere and lasting connections and relationships with our brothers and members that further instill into them the principles that lead to beneficial relationships and lifestyles..
Each course Book and Workbook, can be purchased individually on for the low cost of $9.99 per workbook. This gives our members the option of using the workbooks as a standalone product or as part of an Online Group Session. However, we strongly suggest each group session member has their own workbook that they use with the course group to further connect them to the course material and to us as an organization. Especially, if they have very little positive influences and examples around them.
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