Why Connect With Us?

So, what type of males are we looking for and who should connect with us?  We are looking for males who want to make a difference.

If you desire to…

  • Be all that you were created to be;
  • Break out of the chains that are holding you back;
  • Be successful in the things you do;
  • Become great in your relationships and life;
  • Be someone that stands out from the crowd, and;
  • Be a man worthy of honor and respect…

…Then We Want You!

However, you must be willing to change, learn, be teachable, and adapt to the principles you will be taught.  We are not adding to your existing mindset, our goal is to create a new mindset: one which puts the needs of others first through service, one which looks to protect the weak, and one which gives honor where honor is due.

CENTRY Choose Greatness Logo

Greatness Is Not Automatic, It Must Be Chosen!
We Want To Help You To Choose Greatness!

Our overall goal as an organization is to inspire, support, educate, and help males to choose greatness by helping them see the  consequences of negative behavior and the benefits of positive actions.  As they see the loss and the benefit, of these two choices, we hope to inspire them to choose greatness.

We believe that there’s greatness inside of each of us, but it must be chosen. We want to help each mentee and brother that connects with us to Choose Greatness in every area of life.

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