Our Online Community gives members access to an online growing community of like minded males where they can receive support, fellowship, coaching, mentoring, support and more.


Our Online Courses included with Membership are designed to help inspire, support and train individuals in concepts of Serve, Honor & Protect while directing individuals towards greatness.


Our ultimate goal is to help inspire, coach and support individuals, and especially guys, to become Heroes and Choose Greatness by the way they love and honor others, especially women and children.


Our DAD Workbook and Online Course is designed to help fatherless children, and especially boys, address their feelings around a missing dad.


As an organization, we provide support to Moms, and especially single Moms, with support and direction for their sons.

“The Greatest Among You Must Be A Servant.”

The CENTRY™ League is a Brotherhood Organization with the Mission to Inspire, Mentor, Coach, Train and Support Males to Serve, Honor & Protect as Modern Day Servants, Soldiers & Heroes.

Our mission is to inspire, train and support males to Choose Greatness in the way they treat and honor women, children, families and the community as modern-day Servants, Soldiers & Heroes that the world so desperately needs.


We provide opportunities for males to interact with positive males examples, coaches and mentors.


We provide training intended to help males to develop and create fruitful relationships and habits.


We hold males accountable to living by a set of quality standards and principles that will enhance their lives.


We provide males with coaching, mentoring and training designed to help them to Choose Greatness. 


Imagine a guy searching for purpose, not sure of who he should be.

There’s goodness inside him, but evil is all he seems to see.

Like many others, he follows the negativity of the crowd.

Doing things that aren’t right and don’t make his mom proud.

He connects with a group of guys, that give, instead of take.

He questions their motives, and wonders if they’re fake.

But he joins them as a brother, and is surprised to see,

Their goals are much bigger, then he expected them to be.

They inspire, coach and mentor him, to become a man of love.

To find the greatness inside him, given from above.

He learns to value others, and to have a positive effect.

By purposely living his life to Serve, Honor & Protect.

He decides to Choose Greatness, and begins to learn and grow.

Impacting the world around him, as a Servant, Soldier & Hero.

We believe this is possible, as odd as it may seem.

We are The CENTRY™ League, and this is…


It’s How We Live

We purposely live and perform acts of service towards others, especially women and children.


 Is How We Think

We purposely hold others in high regard and esteem, and value and in our everyday lives.


Is What We Do

We purposely defend our wives, children, beliefs and others from attack and compromise.


We Are Passionate about Developing Males into the Servants, Soldiers and Heroes that Our World Desperately Needs Today!

Community & Brotherhood

The Online CENTRY™ League Community & Brotherhood is our online platform where we inspire, train, coach and support males to Choose Greatness in their everyday lives.

The purpose of the Online CENTRY™ League online platform is to provide:

  • An online community for like-minded individuals;
  • A way to coach, mentor and support males in a way not limited by location;
  • Help members to pursue greatness, learn and grow from past mistakes
  • A platform to interact and find positive male role models;
  • Forums to connect and engage for instruction and direction;
  • Create a great way for members to engage and interact under a positive brand;
  • A way for members to connect and learn from each other;
  • Create an online community specifically created to help individuals, and especially males, to find Greatness in life.
  • And Much More.

 Additional Features of our Online CENTRY™ League Community & Brotherhood include:

Online Courses, Content & Training

Our online courses are designed to help instill the core principles of Serve, Honor & Protect in ways that lead to beneficial relationships and lifestyles.

Online Group Sessions

Our online group sessions are a great ways for males to connect with positive examples for coaching, advice, fellowship and leadership around specific content and topics.

Online 1 on 1 Sessions

Our 1on1 coaching sessions are designed to allow members an opportunity to connect with a positive male role model around issues and topics that they may need support or a listening ear.

Single MOM Support

One of our main goals as an organization is to provide support for moms, and especially single moms, in the raising of their sons

CENTRY™ Development Program

For those unique & committed males, we offer our CENTRY™ Development Program where he’ll learn the standards and principles found within, “THE CODEX: The CENTRY™ Code of Conduct”.

We Want To Help Every Male Connected To Us To Choose Greatness In Life!


We Stand With You In Greatness

Within the CENTRY™ League we partner with individuals that desire to have a positive impact on women, children, families, communities, and the world. Our Partners receive access to our free offers, free courses, and free content through our Online CENTRY™ League and Email List.


We Guide You Towards Greatness

As CENTRY™ League Mentors, our goal is to lead individuals, and especially males, through our content, courses and materials that are designed to inspire, train and support the principles of Serve, Honor & Protect. We want to help every male that connects with us to Choose Greatness in life.


We Display Greatness Together

As CENTRY™ League Brothers, we walk through life with males that believe & support our mission to live as modern-day Servants, Soldiers & Heroes that Serve, Honor & Protect. As Official CENTRY™ Brothers, these males receive all the benefits that come to full members of the CENTRY™ League.

There's People In The World We Can’t Impact, Without You.

The Greater the Man, the Greater His Service.

A man’s greatness begins in his home with how he interacts, honors and loves his parents and siblings. From there it extends to the love he shows his wife and children. His life of greatness can then expand to impact the whole world.


If our mission to impact the World by the way we Serve, Honor & Protect as a group of Modern-Day Servants, Soldiers & Heroes connects with you, please join us today!


We look forward to hearing from you.


~ To Your Success,
The CENTRY™ League

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