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Online Brotherhood

Our ultimate goal is for each brother to have an in-person brotherhood where he feels connected and supported to the CENTRY League where he has a unit of at least 5 likeminded males as brothers. However, as we grow we understand that there may be brothers that want to connect with us that do not have brothers in his immediate area that may want to think and live as a Servant, Soldier and Hero.

For those males we offer our online brotherhood where he can connect to another brother for training, support and development in the ways of a CENTRY. He may also become a point of contact for a future CENTRY League Unit to be developed in his area.

Online Courses

In our current society, a lot of guys find it hard to have successful relationships with their wives and children, to treat people with respect, to give and receive honor and to interact well with others.

Our online courses are designed to help instill the core principles of Serve, Honor & Protect in ways that will help led to beneficial relationships and lifestyles.

Our goal is to help support individuals, especially males, with the tools, content, support, and connections needed to truly be successful in life. 

Coaching & Mentoring

In our current society, there is a growing need for more positive male role models and examples. As a organization, we coach and mentor males in the core concepts of Serve, Honor & Protect. To help with this, we provide Coaching & Mentoring opportunities for males to connect with positive examples for general advice, interactions, and leadership around specific content and courses.

If you are interested in learning more about our Online Mentoring, please CONTACT US for more information.


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