Please see the pricing and fees for our Single MOM Support Programs


Directing Moms & Sons from a Males insight with Their Questions, Concerns & Issues
  • $65 Registration Fee* – 1st Month Only
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee – Cancel Anytime
  • Includes 1 Sub Account for a Son
  • Unlimited Access Online Community & Brotherhood
  • Full Access to Community Forums and Discussions
  • Select On-Demand Recordings & Playbacks**
  • Monthly Motivation Newsletter
  • Guided Access Through DAD Course***
  • Downloadable Free Course Summaries PDF (where available)
  • Free Online Event Access
  • Full Access to Full Choose Greatness Series
  • Access to All Courses – Minus CENTRY Recruit Training
  • Access to Guided Group Courses w/Mentor or Coach***
  • Group & 1on1 Coaching Sessions
  • Weekly 1 Hour Advice and Coaching Calls
  • Goal Setting Workshop & Strategy Sessions
  • Honor for Mom and Women Coaching
  • On-going CENTRY™ Coach and Brotherhood Support
  • Ongoing Mother/Son Advice from Mans Perspective
  • Monthly Conference Calls or Video Chats (Group or 1on1)
  • Teacher Accountability & Support (where available)
  • School Visits (*where available)
  • “Honor of Her” Online Course
  • “Honor of Her” Book
  • Choose Greatness Tshirt
  • Choose Greatness Wristband
  • Choose Greatness Drawstring Bag

* Registration Fees cover the purchasing, Shipping & handing of community membership items. Click HERE for more information.

** Select Courses and Program that are not too sensitive in topic

*** Guided DAD course may be in a group or 1on1; Mentoring & coaching sessions may be 1on1 or within a group

**** Must be at least 9 yrs old with mother approval & attendance

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