We currently have two Membership Groups, “Online Community” and “Single Mom Support”. However, below are several Membership Types, Purposes or Reasons, to connect with us. 


We connect males with the types of positive male influences and role models that’ll hold them accountable to positive standards, help them make better choices and have a beneficial impact on their girlfriends, wives, children, community and world around them.


We strategically mentor males in 7 areas that’ll help them Choose Greatness in their everyday lives and in how they interact with others.  These areas include: Thoughts, Words, Decisions, Habits, Character, Relationships, Purpose and an extra portion on Dad. 


We support Single Moms with the insight and perspective that they may need from an organization of positive males. We endeavor to provide Single Mothers with the support they may be missing or need as a result of a missing or inactive father. 


We believe that connection with us will benefit parents by our overall goal to be a source of positive influence in the middle of the negative options that are available to children today.


We provide support and partnerships with groups, schools & organizations that wish to offer their target audience of males additional resources, mentoring, connections and content that’ll help them to make better choices and live a more productive lifestyle.


Our ultimate goal is to provide males with a positive option to choose from instead of gangs, negative friends and destructive influences. When males become Official Members of The CENTRY League Brotherhood, they become officially connected to us as brothers that do life together as Servants, Soldiers & Heroes that Serve, Honor & Protect our women, children and communities as one.


We sincerely want to help males find purpose and destiny. Please give us the opportunity to support you or someone close to you by joining us today!

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