Personal Life Standards Checklist

Using the following charts, decide which standards you will live your life by; either “Positive Standards” or by “Negative Standards.”
The choice is up to you!


What kinds of thoughts will you think and live by?

—— Positive Standards ——

—— Negative Standards ——

Expect the Best

Expect the Worse

Focus on the Positive

Focus on the Negative

Forgive Others

Hold Grudges

Choose thoughts that will create the life you want.



What kinds of words will you speak and listen to?

—— Positive Standards ——

—— Negative Standards ——

Uplift & Help

Tease & Hurt

Spread Kindness

Spread Lies

Give People Support

Tear People Down

Choose words that agree with the life you want.



What kinds of actions will you take and approve?

—— Positive Standards ——

—— Negative Standards ——

That Are Selfless

That Are Selfish

Help & Give

Hurt & Steal

Display Love & Unity

Show Hate & Division

Choose actions that lead to the life you want.



What kinds of friends will you have around you?

—— Positive Standards ——

—— Negative Standards ——

Compliment People

Tease & Mock People

Respect Their Parents

Disrespect Their Parents

Give People Support

Tear People Down

Choose friends that want the same life you want.



As a man, how will you relate to women?

—— Positive Standards ——

—— Negative Standards ——

Love & Honor

Lust & Use

Respect Their Bodies

Use Their Bodies

Cover & Protect

Abuse & Hurt

Choose relationships that enhance the life you want.



As a woman, how will you relate to men?

—— Positive Standards ——

—— Negative Standards ——

Love & Honor

Lust & Use

Support & Respect

Tear Down & Disrespect

Accept Love & Care

Allow Abuse & Hurt

Choose relationships that enhance the life you want.



What kinds of leaders will you choose to follow?

—— Positive Standards ——

—— Negative Standards ——

Teach Positivity

Display Negativity

Respect the Law

Disrespect the Law

Honors Others

Dishonors Others

Choose leaders that guide you to the life you want.



What kind of path will you choose for your life?

—— Positive Standards ——

—— Negative Standards ——

Builds Relationships

Destroys Relationships

Spreads Love & Life

Spreads Hate & Death

Give to Enhance Others

Take to Enhance Self

Choose a path that leads to the life you want.


This list of Personal Life Standards will not include every standard that you will need in your life to be successful. It’s meant to serve as a guide to assist you in selecting your own standards and principles that you will live by.

The above chart and life is included in our DAD Workbook, “DAD: Forgiving What He Was and Becoming What He Was Not

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