About the Film

What if what you “DID” to someone else, was “DONE” to you? How would it feel?

In our short film, “How’s It Feel?” an abusive husband wakes up in an abandon building only to be suddenly attacked by an unknown assailant. At least that’s what he thinks!

We want this short film to inspire guys to love, respect and honor their women and children more than ever!

For The Ladies

Here are 3 POINTS for a Woman Being Abused:
#1: You Don’t Deserve It: Please don’t allow thoughts to enter or remain in your mind that you deserve the abuse! It’s never ok! Are you perfect? Of course not. But you don’t deserve to be abused…ever!

#2: Others Suffer with You: When you allow someone to abuse you, here’s always someone else who suffers. If there’s a child around you, they may be abused based on your choice to stay. They may also grow to think that abuse is normal. If you don’t have children, others still suffer because they miss out on experiencing the fullness of who you “really are on the inside” because someone around you is abusing you.

#3: Don’t Just Take I... Report It!: It’s NOT ok for a guy to put his hands on you under any circumstances! Report it because you deserve to experience Love; Not Abuse! Reporting it may be the first step for him getting help! The enemy likes to operate in darkness! Shed light on the enemy by reporting the person abusing you!

“4 Reasons Why Victims Blame Themselves for Domestic Violence” by Attorney Vanessa L. Prieto
1. They believe their partner.
2. Their partner is considered ‘nice’ or ‘normal’ by other people. Domestic abuse is about control and manipulation.
3. People they do tell downplay the situation or refuse to believe them.
4. There have been occasions where they acted out against the abuser.
(Read the full article using the link in the Related Articles section below)

You don’t have to suffer under abuse! God loves you and has made a way of escape for you! Please take it.

My name is Eric and I would like to stand in place of the guy who abused you and say something that he may be too immature, too prideful or just too dark on the inside to ever say to you, that is.

“Please forgive me for hurting you. I was wrong and you deserve better. I’m sorry for what I’ve done to you! Please forgive me and release the hurt and pain I’ve caused you from your heart. You didn’t deserve it and I’m sorry for what I did.”

Please allow my words to enter your heart and forgive your abusers. There is peace on the other side.

Also, please consider using one of the resources listed below and GOD BLESS!

For The Guys

Here are 3 POINTS for a Guy Abusing a Woman:
# 1: Stop The Cycle: Every time you abuse a woman or child, either mentally, physically or sexually, you become darker inside as evil and abuse cycles from you over and over again. Also, if you grew up in a home where there was abuse, this negative behavior may have been sown into you. However, you don’t have to do what your father did! You can stop the cycle. GET HELP!

#2: Abusive Thoughts Are NOT Ok: Abuse can come from thoughts or a mindset that tells you, “It’s ok to abuse her.” Or it may say, “She deserves it. It’s not my fault.” Both of which Are Wrong! Grow up and reject these childish mindsets or thoughts so you can change your childish actions.

#2: You Can Be Great: The better the man you become, the more your strength will be used to cover and protect women and children, NOT to hurt or abuse them. You can be a great man! But you have to Choose It!

You don’t have to abuse your wife or child, no matter what you’ve seen from your father, what others do or have experienced in life, you can be different and be the type of guy that loves and honors the women and children around you. We can help.

Please consider using one of the resources listed below and GOD BLESS!

Want Great Relationships?

Relationships don’t have to be hard if you understand how to make them work. A woman would be much more willing to follow and honor a man that loves her, cares for her, protects her and sacrifices for her; and a man is so much more powerful, when he thinks, speaks and acts in love for her?

Centry League Resources

Loving Her God’s Way: How a Man Can Love His Woman and Please God

According to the CDC, Almost 50% of Marriages in the US, end in Divorce or Separation. When it comes to women, we as men sometimes have no idea of the damage we cause when we don’t show them honor. In this book will help!

The Path of Forgiveness: How to Give & Receive Total Forgiveness

Are You Finding It Difficult to Forgive or Be Forgiven? Forgiveness is that one fact of life that everyone needs to do, but quite frankly many don’t do. This book includes the 3 mini-books and topics.

Manhood 101: 101 Principles for Becoming a Better Man

Do You Understand the Principles of Great Men? This book provides the reader with simple concepts that males can easily understand and build upon as he develops into quality manhood.

Additional Content

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Domestic Violence Partnership

The Nehe Foundation serves survivors of domestic violence in Prince George’s County, Maryland. Our priority is to assist survivors and their families who are in need of emergency housing and services, educate the community by providing information and access to resources, and raise awareness to ultimately stop domestic violence.

Domestic Violence Resources

National Domestic Violence Hotline

Advocates are also available to chat 24/7. Click below to call.

National Center for Victims of Crime Hotline

Additional Resources

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