Guys Need Brotherhood

The impact of brotherhoods can be seen in the purpose and identity that males find in sports teams, clubs, fraternities, gangs, etc. Some Additional benefits are:

They Help Create Better Men:

Men for thousands of years have come together in intentional groups to sharpen each other in different ways. It’s through challenges from other men that men continue to grow.

It’s A Great Way To Learn:

David Deida, author of Way of the Superior Man, states “Life as a man is like a constant error correction. Making a mistake, and correcting, then making another mistake and correcting.”

Brotherhoods Help with Fatherlessness and Depression:

Men account for 3/4 of all “Completed Suicides (not just attempted suicides) and suicide rates for men has climbed over the past decade. One of the reason researchers cite for this is isolation.

Connected People Are Happier:

Crafting strong friendships is probably the #1 benefit of brotherhoods. Additionally, beneficial relationships are a vital factor in determining happiness.

Improved Interpersonal Skills:

Participating in brotherhoods helps males develop skills like conflict resolution, interpersonal skills, and working with others.

Our goal is to be a source for males to not just come together for fun but join together in a collective mission to positively impact the women and children in our lives and the community around us as Servants, Soldiers & Heroes.

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