“How can a boy become a quality man, without the support, direction and insight from a quality man?”

Are you a single mother raising a son without help or support from your son’s dad?

Are you looking for a way to emotionally support your son despite a missing dad?

Do you know a son growing up with little to no interaction with his natural dad?

We Want to Help

The influence of Dad plays a vital role in the life of a son since his Dad is the first example of a man he’ll see and learn from. But who will he pattern his life after if Dad’s missing?

The focus of this Online DAD Pilot Program is to support families, single mothers and sons growing up without the influence of DAD or a positive male role model. We believe that the presence of a quality man, helps boys to Choose Greatness; and we’re here to help.

Who Are We?

We are The CENTRY™ League, and our goal is to inspire, train and support males to Serve, Honor & Protect as Servants, Soldiers & Heroes in their everyday lives. In line with this goal, the first program we have developed for males is called “DAD” and is intended to support males, both young and old, along with single mothers that have been impacted by fatherlessness.

A Boy Can Still Become A Man, Even When His Biological Father Is Missing.


The Purpose of our DAD Content is to Strategically Address the following 7 Areas concerning DAD.
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#1: Examine Thoughts

We strategically examine the thoughts of sons before they become destructive or create destructive habits.

#2: Address Disappointments

We address the feelings, hurts & disappointments that can lead to anger and behavior problems.

#3: Positive Connections

We provide males with positive connections through quality leaders and other like minded & positive males.

#4: Interpersonal Skills

We help males to understand & develop the interpersonal skills needed to express their feelings and thoughts.

#5: Positive Direction

We strategically point males in a positive direction that’s intended to inspire them to create quality relationships.

#6: Support Moms

We support Moms with the counsel and insight they may need or desire from positive males concerning their sons.

#7: Not Trash Dad

We help males not to trash their Dads despite their faults, while striving to understand him and pursue greatness.


Our desire is for males to embrace greatness, with or without, their biological Dad. 

Online DAD Pilot Program Description:

Before officially launching our DAD Online Program, we are looking for a multicultural group of 20-25 males, ranging from ages 8-24 who are willing to participate in a FREE 5½ Week Online Pilot Program designed to help us evaluate the content, format and procedures of our DAD program.

This course consists of over 30 short online sessions that support the DAD Workbook & Guidebook. Each section includes short thought provoking topics, questions and activities that are meant to be discussed with a parent, teacher, mentor, group or organization.

This course consists of topics, videos and content that’s designed to lead males through discussions that address their need for DAD and a positive DAD figure. At the end of this course, we want our participants to have a better understanding of how important DAD is, how to express their feelings concerning DAD and know how to forgive DAD for what he was or was not as they move towards finding their own purpose and identity in life.

The Details of the Free Online Pilot Program are:

Program Length: 5½ Weeks (estimated)

Meeting Days: Tues and Thursday Evenings

Session Times: 6pm, 7pm or 8pm EST. (The time will be decided based on the best schedules of the participants) 

Session Length: 1 Hour Sessions (may run longer based on interactions or sessions) 

Session Requirements: Each Participant Must Complete Questions and Activities

Internet Access: Each participant will need internet Access to Login into the Online Sessions


Space is Extremely Limited! Apply Now!

DAD Online Course

Our DAD Online Course is the digital version of our DAD Workbook, which allows individuals to go through our DAD content online using any desktop, tablet or mobile device. This online course supports our DAD workbook and is a great way for mentors and organizations to lead individuals, sons and young people through our DAD content in an online format.

This course will be made available FREE for our Pilot Program Participants.

DAD Workbook

Our “DAD: Forgiving What He Was, Becoming What He Was Not Workbook is designed to help address the effects of fatherlessness in the lives of individuals and especially guys.

DAD Guidebook

Our “DAD: Forgiving What He Was, Becoming What He Was Not Guidebook is designed to help parents, mentors, teachers and leaders guide males through our DAD content.

Online DAD Pilot Program Requirements:
The Details of the Program

To make sure this FREE 5½ Week Online Pilot Program is beneficial for all parties involved, we will require each parent and participant to agree to the following:

Parental / Guardian Consent:

We will need to make certain that the parent or guardian of the participant in this Free Pilot Program is aware of their interaction with us and our DAD Content and provides written consent for them to participate;

A Desire to Participate:

Despite how much a mother or guardian may want a son or child to be a part of the program, it’s vital that the child wants to participate. We will not accept anyone that does not want to join us. If they don’t want to be a part of this Free Pilot Program, they will get nothing out of it. To make sure that everyone knows what they are getting into, they will be required to attend a short 15-30 minute conference call to make sure everyone fully understands the program, it’s purpose, it’s requirements and agree on their own to participate.

Online Access:

Because we will be conducting live online sessions, each participant will need online access to be in attendance. So, each participant will need access to a computer, tablet or smartphone with internet access to participate in the sessions and to sign into our online community website.

Community Profile Photo:

We will be using our Centry Online Brotherhood Community to interact with each participant. This is where we will interact, leave comments, review the DAD course and communicate. Because of this, each participant is required to submit a recent photo for their free custom profile so members can identify each other. Clear phone selfies are fine!

Before and After Testimonials:

We will need permission to capture before and after video testimonials with the child and the parent to see how they were impacted by the material for our own evaluations and for future advertisements and content.


A Commitment for a max one-hour group session, 2 times a week will be required by each participant. At these times, the group will come together to go over the content, have discussions, interact with each other and discuss assignments.

Contact Email and Mailing Address:

We will need contact and mailing information for each participant so that we can mail them a free copy of the DAD Workbook along with the free gifts they’ll receive when they complete the program.

Download ZOOM Mobile App:

We currently use the ZOOM platform to conduct our online sessions. The web browser client will download automatically when you join your first Zoom meeting. It’s also available for manual download, HERE.

You can also download the ZOOM app for IOS, HERE and the ZOOM App for GOOGLE, HERE.

Agree to Online Community Terms and Guidelines:
By participating in this Pilot program, each participant agrees to the CENTRY Online Community Terms and Guidelines to make sure that each participant is honorable and respectful to the other members of the community. Any participant found breaking these terms will be removed from the program. Read these Terms and Guidelines HERE.

Like Our Facebook Page:

This is of course not a requirement to be considered for the program, but it will help us in our mission to serve single mothers, sons and males the more likes we have on our Facebook Page. So please like our page by CLICKING HERE.

For Those Selected to Participate in the Program

For those selected to participate in the DAD Online Pilot Program, they will receive the following Free Gifts:

• FREE Printed Copy of the “DAD: Forgiving What He Was; Becoming What He Was Not, Workbook”


(Mailing Address is Required Below to Send Gifts) 

For Those That Complete The Entire Program

For those that complete the “entire” DAD Pilot Program, provide feedback along with allowing us to capture a before and after video testimonial, they will receive the following FREE Gifts for their participation in this DAD Pilot Program.

Please note that anyone that does NOT complete the course, along with the above requirements, may keep the FREE DAD Workbook, but will NOT receive the following Free Gifts:

   • DAD Course Certificate

   • Choose Greatness Drawstring Bag

   • Choose Greatness Acrylic Wristband

   • Lifetime Standard Membership to Our Online Community
(A $179 Yearly Value! Members must abide by Community Rules to maintain Free memberships)

   • Visa Gift Card 

Once again, we unfortunately only have space for 20-25 participants in this FREE 5½ Week Pilot Program – 2 days a Week. Participants will be chosen on a first come first serve basis. However, all interested parties will be notified once the official program launches.

If you are interested in learning more and would like your son or someone you know to be considered for our FREE 5½ Week DAD Pilot Program, please complete the DAD Pilot Group Interest Form below and we will be in touch as soon as possible.

Please Give Us The Opportunity To Support You And Your Son In This FREE Pilot Program.

He Doesn’t Have To Walk Alone

If you would like your son, child or a young person you know to be a part of this FREE DAD Online Pilot Program, please complete the interest form below.


Space Is Very Limited!


 If you would like your son to be considered for Our FREE DAD PILOT program, please complete the form below.

Please understand that we only have room for a limited amount of participants, but we will keep all entrees in mind for upcoming discounts and offers.
Thank you so much for your time and May GOD bless you and your family!


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