Online Coaching & Mentoring

A Coach is someone who directs you towards a specific outcome and goal. This relationship gives the coach a right to give certain instructions and to expect the one being coached to respect the instructions and follow them out.

A Mentor is someone who is there to walk with, lead and guide you in a specific direction and towards a specific outcome that you wish to achieve. Their council is generally given as advice and friendly direction based on respect and mutual goals.

Both a coach and mentor are similar in nature and their roles often cross because the relationships are in place to benefit all parties involved.

Within The CENTRY™ League, we endeavor to Coach and Mentor our members towards specific goals and outcomes, with the ultimate goal of developing a relationship of brothers that help, encourage, lift and support each other in life.

The following are a couple ways we Coach and Mentor of member and brothers online through our Online CENTRY™ League Community and Brotherhood.

Online Group Sessions

We provide Online Group Sessions within our community and along with specific courses. These sessions help support our members and brothers by providing them with an opportunity to connect with others. These group sessions are also great ways for males to connect with positive examples for coaching, advice, fellowship and leadership around specific content and topics.

1 on 1 Sessions

Our 1on1 coaching sessions are designed to allow members an opportunity to connect with a positive male role model around issues and topics that they may need support or a listening ear. These 1on1 sessions can be on the phone, through video chat or in person, when the opportunity is available. These 1on1 coaching sessions are meant to connect members and brothers with the positive support and council that may not be available to them any other way.

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