CENTRY™ League Recruits

Whether a son, brother, husband, father, student, employee, leader or businessman, a CENTRY™  Recruit must be willing to commit to the core principles of the CENTRY™  League which we describe as:

  • iCORE – Core Identity Training: this content and training includes the Core Identity of a CENTRY to view himself as a Servant, Soldier & Hero;
  • aCORE – Core Activity Training: this content and training includes the Core Activities of a CENTRY which are to Serve, Honor & Protect.

When a CENTRY™ Recruit commits to our core values, we commit to encouraging, counseling and supporting him in uncovering his God-given talents in an environment of support, encouragement, correction, and accountability.

To do this, we have our own CENTRY™  Recruit process designed to lead males through the core beliefs of the CENTRY™  League and what it means to live as a CENTRY™  Brother that Serves, Honors & Protects those around him.


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