The CENTRY™ League

Within the CENTRY™ League, we strive to inspire, create and train individuals, and especially males, on the principles of Serve, Honor & Protect through books, courses, mentoring, entertainment and additional content. Our goal is to be a solution for the lack of fathers and positive male role models in our society, by being a resource for the positive concepts, ideas and role models that our society needs.

For every male that completes the CENTRY™  Recruit Course and Training to become an Official CENTRY™  Brother, we will help, inspire and train him to operate from the center of his being, by encouraging, assisting and supporting him on having a positive impact on his wife, children, family and the world around him. Our objective for every Official CENTRY™ Brother is to help him focus on those things that are most important in life and that create positive mindsets, habits, relationships, marriages, families and connections with others and the world around him. We want every Official CENTRY™ Brother to see himself as a leader and purposely stand out from any negative, selfish and childish males around him.

As an organization, we strive to support, develop, and train males to live and think as Servants, Soldiers and Heroes that Serve, Honor and Protect. We believe that males that commit to living as a Servant, Soldier and Hero will have a great impact on his wife/woman, children, family, and the world around him.


The CENTRY™ League Motto

“As an organization and brotherhood, we stand united as Servants, Soldiers & Heroes that overpower and undo the selfish and destructive acts of villains in our sisters, women, wives, children, families, community, and world.”


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